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About the Show

Delve deep into the heart of every organization: the back-office. This pivotal space encompasses Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Administration, and the expansive realm of Operations. “The Back-Office Improvement Show” is your go-to source for actionable insights, innovative strategies, and hands-on expertise to elevate these essential support functions.

What We Discuss:

From automation to best practices, cost-saving measures to organizational culture, and strategic planning to performance enhancement, we tackle a myriad of topics that drive added value and peak performance across private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

Your Hosts:

Brought to you by the seasoned experts behind EXYGE.COM and e-Consulting.Solutions. With a combined experience spanning over two decades in international business consulting and internal functional roles, our hosts offer a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and on-the-ground experience. We’re not just talking about back-office operations; we’ve lived it.

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