About Us

We are a B2B global startup helping small and medium consultancies to compete better in their home markets through innovative technologies and robust methodologies, leveling the playing field.

e-CGS is your Partner and One-Stop-Shop B2B for SMB Consultancies

Our Mission

e-Consulting Global Solutions (aka e-CGS) is your partner and “one-stop-shop” for leveraging your practice and services portfolio with technological effective tools and innovative methods that “level the playing field” for you in order to compete better in your home markets.


We work with our consultancy partners in a strategically rather than opportunistically manner. Strategize, Plan, Develop and Execute.

Our Story

In the dynamic landscape of the consulting industry, e-CGS beginnings date back to its Founder, Otto Acuna, who learned early in his career the ins and outs of the industry, as part of a Big 4 firm. He also worked functionally in several multi-national organizations, often handling consultants from the demand side. He started his own journey as a small firm in 2007 with EXYGE.COM and succeeded in his home market, becoming an option to the big players. He joined ICMCI through its CMC-Global Institute in 2016 and since has volunteered relentlessly in many areas, having exposure to peer consultants and SMB consultancy owners  from around the world.

As the industry evolved in the last 10 years, so did the challenges faced by SMB consultancies, as the digital and methodological gap between small and big consultancies widened.

This growing disparity between large consultancies and their smaller peers, inspired Otto and e-Consulting Global Solutions (e-CGS) was born in 2020. More than just a business, e-CGS is a mission to equip small and medium consultancies with the tools and knowledge that were once exclusive to the industry’s titans.

Join us as we champion a new era in consulting, ensuring every consultancy, regardless of size, has the opportunity to thrive in their home markets, serving their clients with the latest technologies and innovative solutions.


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