We support SMB Consultancies, Consulting Associations and Business Services Providers with innovative capabilities to serve their clients better and excel in their home market.

Methodologies – Industry Expertise – Tech

Operations & processes

  • Workflow and BPM capabilities

  • Document Management and electronic signatures
  • Process Mining (automated process discovery, reporting and Simulation)

  • CRM for Commercial Operations

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Best Practices and Benchmarking from the world’s leading provider: APQC

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Digitization tools to improve consulting process and save consultant’s time in projects.

People and Change

  • Automation of HR Operations
  • AI-powered change management
  • Collaborative environments
  • Competing Values Framework / OCAI organizational culture processing – completely automated and sub-culture splitting by departments
  • HR Analytics
  • e-Learning infrastructure and capability development
  • Specific Organizational Development methodologies with SaaS tools that support the automation at:
    * Diagnostic
    * Design phase (simulation)

Specialized Area Solutions

  • Procurement.
  • Logistics.
  • Commercial Operations.
  • Real Estate.
  • Accounting
  • Collections
  • FATCA / CRS Reporting by Small Financial Institutions (collect data and transform into corresponding XMLs splitted by jurisdiction.

Shared Services Expertise

  • Experience from over 15 large scale SSC projects both at multi-national level as well as for regional or local corporate groups.
  • Our experience cover all the spectrum of SSC evaluation, development and run operations:
    • Business case for SSC operation, design of processes and organization
    • Migration, implementation and stabilization
    • SLA management and transfer pricing
    • Performance Management and Regulatory compliance
    • Cost reduction initiatives and process optimization
  • SSC / BackOffice Maturity Diagnostic and Optimization Roadmap.

Financial Services Industry

  • Over 40% of our 200+ projects experience is geared towards the financial services industry.
  • We are familiar with the challenges, regulatory constraints and solutions for Banks, Savings and Loans Cooperatives, Traders, Real Estate Investment Funds and its Facilities Management, FATCA and CRS compliance, Regulation-Driven Process Improvement, Operational Risk Management, and other issues particular to the industry.
  • We favor the implementation of ISO31000 over COSO as the framework for Risk Management, for practical and business purposes.
  • We have experience in the digitization, process improvement and operational risk management of small and medium institutions that are best suited for the solutions we bring to the table, although some of our projects have been in large FS organizations.

Sustainability and CE

  • The implications of the sustainability movement, ESG and Circular Economy push into societies differ greatly from one region to another.
  • Therefore, our Second Floor Consultants come from a variety of background and experiences, to help us match with your specific support needs:
    • ISO 20700, 9001, 14001, 28000, 50001 and 18788.
    • BASC (for logistics and Port Operations).
    • Recycling and associated trends.
    • C-Neutrality implementation.
    • Sustainability in Real Estate.
    • Carbon Accounting in backoffice operations.
  • Our 2nd floor consulting capabilities and experts keep expanding and diversifying what we can support with. Ask us if you don’t see what you need.

We are not theoretical

We speak from experience

In our Founder’s previous business, he developed a small niche consultancy focused on helping people work better through Operational Strategy and Process Improvement. Over 10 years ago, that consultancy expanded its offerings to include technology-driven implementation services and a subscription-based model that complemented the consultancy services. Today, some of those services have been running smoothly for 11 years.

The point we wish to make, as e-Consulting Global Solutions, who does not work with end clients – only with our consultancy partners – is that we pride ourselves on partnering with SMB consultancies and Associations, drawing from our experience and proven track record to support their evolution in a practical manner.

small & medium consultancies

That want to expand some of the line of services they are known for with “last mile delivery” through technology. Less frequently, we also support consultancies with specialty in other areas, as their “digitization and operations arm” which allows them to upsell current clients on complementary services to what they are known for. 

Consultants associations or institutes

That wish to provide training and development services to their members through different programs our Consultant Development Ecosystem [2023 onward] is developing to provide high quality education for management consultants. We also help with the development of the Association’s digital services offering.

Industry chambers & associations

Some countries may not have a Consultant Association, but many Commerce and Industry Chambers want to develop a program to professionalize consultants as a value added service to the companies and institutions that form the Chamber. Better consultants and better buyers of consultancy services benefit society not only from the supply side, but also from the sector that produces the demand of such services.

“The methodological support for the Organizational Development modeling required in Phase II of our project with a Government insttution was key to allow us to focus on the other phases and specialties needed.”

Project Director, undisclosed Big4 In-Country Office

"e-CGS has been a an important asset to expand in our process improvement practice. Before, we had to call in an IT third party that kept the relationship after the project, now we deliver the last mile ourselves."

Principal, Boutique Process Improvement Consultancy

"We had the trainers, the knowledge and the materials.... but we had no idea how to turn that into an e-learning delivery channel to survive during the covid lockdowns. Today our content is delivered in a hybrid manner with our e-course capabilities.

Training and Development Director, Consultant’s Association

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