Our Partners


e-CGS Client Partners: Pierre Boueri & Partners - Greece and Middle East

Pierre Boueri & Partners

Operating in Greece, the Middle East and Lebanon, PB&P is a Management Consultancy Services provider specialized in Family Businesses and Governance. e-CGS provide process improvement, digitization technologies and 2nd floor support to PB&P.

e-CGS Partner Clients: Effective Managers Inc.

Effective Managers Inc.

Operating in multiple locations, EF focuses on Managerial Effectiveness and ISO 20700 Training, suporting the Consulting Institutes of Canada, Hong Kong, the Caribbean and worldwide through the CMC-Global Institute. e-CGS provide e-learning capabilities and infrastructure to EF.

e-CGS Partner Clients: The CMC-Global Institute

CMC-Global Institute

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) created the CMC-Global Institute to expand its global standards for the profession and provide training and certification services worldwide. e-CGS is the prime supplier of technology for the Institute and tech-based training for members.

e-CGS Partner Clients: MMCI - The Mongolian Institute of Management Consultants

MMCI – Mongolia

The Mongolian Management Consultant’s Institute is an NGO whose vision is to develop insfrastructure to prepare and bring up national consultants certified internationally and engrain the consulting service that protects al stakeholders interests. e-CGS supported MMCI with its e-learning development curve and infrastructure.

e-CGS Partner Clients: Finvest in Egypt

FINVEST Consultants

Operating in Egypt and the Middle East, FINVEST (Finance & Investment) Consulting Firm work with clients optimizing their financial processes, implement financial systems solutions and provide training, corporate advisory, sourcing, virtual-CFO and training services. e-CGS is starting to work with FINVEST helping expand their practice through digitization solutions that complement their financial systems solutions.

e-CGS Client Partners: EXYGE.COM in LatinAmerica


Located in Costa Rica, Central America, EXYGE specializes in BackOffice Operations, Financial Services and Shared Services Centers. In over 15 years of existence, over 200 projects through Latin America and the US. e-CGS provide EXYGE’s technological infrastructure, expert second floor support for services associated to shared services, process improvement, automation, strategy and organizational design for transformative projects.

Let’s Build Something Together

We work with clients strategically

We favor long-term collaboration relationships over opportunistic projects. Our process is first to understand each side strenghts and opportunities and build the collaboration plan and the scope of our agreed services in alignment with a strategy to compete better or expand over current strenghts.

Our end goal is that you develop the skills

We train you on the new skills / capabilities and support you with our resources during the first projects and initial development of local credentials, but our ultimate goal is for you to attain autonomy on the new skill set and be able to execute 100% of the honoraria associated to the new capabilities.

Can we say "No" to a specific opportunity?

Yes, it is not usual, but when we deemed an opportunity as “high risk” or to complex for our local consultancy partner, we will recommend our partner to focus on other opportunities and a plan for long-term success that would allow the local consultancy to develop the skills and gain local credentials in a more controlled environment. Collaborating virtually and across geographies have many advantages, but also very few requirements that must be met to ensure a successful outcome.