We Strive to Level the Playing Field in the Consulting Market

By working with small and medium consultancies we help them complement or expand on the services they are experts.

We Support you with Innovative Technologies and Methodologies

Our Offer aims at help you deliver the last mile of implementation or enter new fields without the Learning and Development Curve

We work by partnerning with you on specific capabilities

Our capabilities can support you in different ways, depending on where we can add value to your practice – We tailor to your practice needs –

We work anywhere in the world

We work where you operate. Our clients span all Continents and technology allow for immediateness of our services

Second Floor Consulting

We supply expert resources and credentials for those cases where you want to strengthen your local field team with specific capabilities.

Our relationships are based on strategic long term goals

We don’t do “one-off opportunistic projects. We believe on long-term relationships with shared goals and plans leveraging your strenghts.

Last Mile Delivery

At e-Consulting Global Solutions, we understand that traditional consulting is no longer enough for companies in today’s digital world. While recommendations in a report are valuable, the true value lies in delivering solutions. That’s why we support consultancies in delivering the “last-mile” of solution realization, with our state-of-the-art automation technologies and platforms.

Capability transfer

We simplify learning and develop expertise in new capacities, empowering consultancies to compete and execute their work independently. At e-Consulting Global Solutions, we level the playing field for SMB management consultancies through cutting-edge methodologies and technologies. Schedule a call today to expand and enhance your services.

Experts on Demand

Our ‘second-floor consulting’ capabilities effectively support your team and deliver exceptional results. While our goal is to transfer capabilities to our client consultancies for end-to-end project handling, some scenarios require temporary expertise in a specific industry or innovative field. We can provide temporary support, ensuring your team excels with the necessary support and knowledge.

what we can do for you:



From your recommendations to reality: we support you to extend the last mile of delivery through processes and workflows automation technology or helping you with process redesign itself to deliver the end-results.



Whether you are a trainer or an L&D consultant looking to expand your delivery with e-learning or a management consultant recommending e-learning capacities to a client, we can help you deliver the technological solution and develop the skills for e-learning.



If you are a consultant with ties to the Financial Services Sector, we can help you create a service for those FS clients that require to report FATCA or do the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) submission. The service is a great opener to new relationships with FS institutions.


'APPIFY' your solutions

For solutions that are recurrent or event-based (e.g. periodical employee performance management, 360 degree appraisal, annual budget collection or other client tailored solutions), we can help convert your method and processes into an automated solution that you can monetize as a subscription along with your consulting services.



Get into the most advanced process discovery and improvement technology being used today for sophisticated clients: process mining allows you to discover the whole process diagram and relevant parameters through the systems logs (ERP, WMS, CRM, BPM, etc.), do changes and simulate results using real data from the logs.



We offer expertise and credentials to enhance your field consulting team. Whether reinforcing a specific aspect or developing your consultancy skills in a new field, our expert consultants will support you under your brand in your project, allowing you to develop a new line of service or tackle a new vertical with confidence.

e-CGS has over 25 years in the field, both as consultants and dealing with consultants from the business side.

About Us

With over 25 years of experience in both the corporate world and the Big 4 consulting environment, our Founder and CEO has harnessed the invaluable insights gained from both spheres of the consulting industry. This has led to the creation of an innovative model within e-Consulting Global Solutions, which aims to empower small and medium consultancies worldwide. By leveling up the playing field, we foster a win-win situation for local consultancies and their clients of professional services, ultimately benefiting the local market with more competitors, higher quality and better service.

Our Industries

backoffice / corporate function Operations

e-CGS specializes in backoffice/corporate function operations. With extensive experience ranging from procurement to finance, human resources to commercial and treasury operations, we excel in providing your consultancy with end-to-end process solutions across the company value chain. Our expertise empowers you to optimize your client’s operations and achieve optimal performance.

Shared services centers

We have been on all sides of the Shared Services Centers spectrum: from business case design to implementation, including handling migration of operations into the new SSC. We have also tackled SSC processes stabilization, SLA creation, SSC performance management and specific improvement initiatives at P2P (procurement to payment), O2C (Order to Cash), R2R (Record to Report), H2R (Hire to Retire) and other Finance Operations end-to-end process cycles.

Emerging Technology

Through its history, e-Consulting Global Solutions (e-CGS) has continuously pioneered and embraced emerging technologies and methodologies. Our relentless pursuit of innovation enables us to empower our consultancy clients, enabling them to expand their capacities. We transfer our extensive expertise and capabilities to our consultancy clients, enabling them to level the playing field and excel in their respective markets, helping their own clients to operate more efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively. Please note that e-CGS exclusively collaborates with consultancies and does not directly engage with end-clients.

Financial Services

With 45% of our credentials focused in Financial Services, e-Consulting Global Solutions understands the unique demands of emerging markets like Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa. Our tailored expertise, credentials, and services are highly valued by small and medium consultancies as a tool to enter or expand in this sector. Partner with us to benefit from our industry-focused solutions and sophisticated capabilities, including process mining, backoffice automation, compliance services, and e-learning. We bring added value to your consultancy services in a sector that appreciates and invests in such expertise.





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